All of our food and travel packages are custom made to the exact tee of your request.


    While our products might not be the best, we aim to be the best at our service.


    The most important things to remember is to have fun with your family/friend


We are providing Free & Easy travel packages to customers who wish to travel to Southeast Asia. You can throw in a food package as well if you'd like. All of our packages are tailor made to your preferences. If you want something, we'll get it for you, be it hotel, activities or guides. We are specialized in Vietnam tour packages, as we have our own office there.

Why Choose Us

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    Trusted Brand

    You are dealing with a brand that you can trust. +1000 clients have proven that for you.

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    Hassle Free

    Since our expertise is tailor make, you will just need to sit back & relax while we plan out everything that suits your NEEDS and DESIRES.

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    Best Customer Services

    We pride ourselves of having the best customer services that a travel agency can provide. You will be given in country phone support once you arrrived at the destination as well.

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    Local Knowledge

    We have our own team in the destination country, hence we know the ins and outs of every places you are going to visit. This something you do not want to take lightly.

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We Aim Higher

If there's anything you think we can improve, do not hesitate to let us know. WE AIM HIGHER hence we want to know where and how we can improve.